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Welcome to the United Kingdom


There is a myriad of reasons for choosing to holiday in Britain; the islands abound with natural attractions and archeological wonders, while the quiet beauty of the English countryside is belatedly getting some protection from the encroaching modern world.

From Badgers to Bears to Wolves and Wild Boars

The new environmental consciousness which the British have, as is their way, embraced wholeheartedly means that many species thought gone for ever are emerging from their hidey holes and retaking their rightful dominion over the forest lands and wild moors.


Then there are rivers and mountains, islands, moorlands, cataracts, and staggeringly beautiful lakelands.

For the adventurous, ancient shifts in the earth have created great cave systems added to by constant erosion of subterranean rivers and waterfalls.

These things are among the many natural attractions of Britain, and then there is its man made heritage of great cathedrals, splendid country houses and castles and keeps.

The world's oldest and best golf courses, trout and salmon fishing, hunting and shooting are all a part of the great sporting tradition of rural England, as well as a season of some of the best horse racing and steeplechase venues in the world.

There's every reason to travel Britain's highways, and more so her byways, and you can do it best in a hire car booked through this website.

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