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Sight seeing in UK


The problem is the one confronting the kid in the candy store, . . . er, sorry, the child in the sweet shop. Where do you start?

There's castles and kingdoms, forests and fields, Roman ruins and iron age monuments, theatres, ceremonies, and wild, beautiful islands . . . and then the tranquil seashore and a quiet walk.

The following pages will provide a very limited list of places to see in Britain, and we have provided them in the hope that they'll help you enjoy your time here.

Of course, should you need a car to see all these sights (and you will!) there's no better way of finding one than to use our "Quote and Pick" booking system.


Car hire in UK and more . . .  

Just click on the booking buttons throughout the site and they'll pop up a form. After you fill it in you'll get back a list of every car available on your desired dates and in the place you need it.

Then you can pick the one that best suits your needs . . . "Quote and Pick", way to go!

4 England
4 Wales
4 Scotland

Using rental cars to travel UK.

We have extensive car hire coverage of UK and Ireland, as well as the Bahamas, Spain, Portugal and the US.

This, combine with our unique "Quote and Pick" booking system, allows us to supply hire vehicles for people on holiday who wish to take in the country's attractions and places to see.

Our unique "Quote and Pick" system will offer you your own choice of instant online quotes and bookings and one way rentals throughout the whole of the Britain, including city and airport locations. We can offer great deals to both business travellers and holiday travellers.

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