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Places to See in England


Birmingham Cathderal

This is a fine English Baroque parish church designed by Thomas Archer and completed in 1725.

The cathedral is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in the city centre and contains four famous Pre-Raphaelite stained-glass windows designed by Sir Edward Burne-Jones.

The popular churchyard, now beautifully restored, has a perimeter of cast-iron railings, with a double row of plane trees.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery


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Built up over the last two centuries, Birmingham Museum & Art Galleries collections represent every era of art, history, science and nature, from the geology of millions years in the past to the products of human creativity and enterprise.
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Birmingham Hippodrome

The Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre attracts large scale West End productions and has featured some of the best musicals on tour, from the great Les Miserable to the breathtaking Phantom of the Opera.
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Goldney Hall

One of the lesser known treasures of Bristol is the garden of Goldney Hall, in the centre of Clifton. Created in the early eighteenth century, by the Quaker merchant, Thomas Goldney III, the garden is a series of delights.

It contains a formal parterre, a herb garden, an orchard now replanted with original species, a wild paddock, and 5 unique follies: an ornamental canal; a high Gothic tower commanding fine views of Bristol; a gazebo; a mock bastion; and the famous subterranean grotto, with its lions' den, cascade, and walls lined with shells, fossils and minerals.
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Bristol Ferry Boat Co

If you are celebrating something special Bristol Ferry Boat Co have plenty of boats and trip choices for you to choose from.

River Trips to Hanham, Keynsham and beyond, Cream Tea Cruises, Pub Cruises, Casino Cruises, pre-dinner Harbour Cruises (with drinks and canapes) and more.
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Cambridge University Botanic Garden

A 40 acre oasis of beautifully landscaped gardens and glasshouses in the heart of the city, less than a mile to the south of the City centre and only five minutes walk from the railway station.

This tranquil 40-acre garden offers year round interest to visitors. Over 10,000 labelled plant species in beautifully landscaped settings, including Rock Garden, Lake, Glasshouses, Winter Garden, Woodland Walk, and nine National Collections.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden was established as a University teaching and research resource by Professor John Stevens Henslow on land acquired in 1831, and finally opened to the public in 1846.

Henslow, who is perhaps now best remembered for inspiring his pupil Charles Darwin with a love of natural science, recognised the need to study plants in their own right. He was convinced that trees were the most important plants in the world and these form the framework of the Garden. Today the Garden welcomes around 100,000 visitors each year.

With a framework of mature trees and shrubs, this paradise of plants comprises diverse, superbly landscaped settings including: the Rock Garden, representing the alpine plants from the mountains of every continent; the Lake and Water Garden, teeming with bird life; tropical rainforest, the alpine house and seasonal displays in the Glasshouses; and the historic Systematic Beds, displaying 1600 hardy representatives of more than 80 families of flowering plants.
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Sedgwick Museum

A large collection of vertebrate and invertebrate fossils from all over the world with some mounted skeletons of dinosaurs, reptiles and mammals. There is also a collection of rocks, building stones and a mineral gallery. Refurbished Palaeozoic gallery.
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Big Sheep

Award-winning all-weather attraction - 'shear' entertainment for all ages.

The famous sheep racing with knitted jockeys, 'One Man and His Dog' sheepdog trials, sheep milking and milk processing, shearing and wool craft demonstrations. Baby lambs all year, duck trialling, indoor play area, adventure playground, lake and nature trail.

A regular in the Devon Family Attraction of The Year - The Good Guide to Britain. New attraction - The Amazing Ewetopia Adventure Zone, the ultimate indoor adventure playground. Horse whispering shows
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Sorley Tunnel Adventure Worlds

Working organic eco-friendly dairy farm; superb new indoor play area; pedal karts; trampolines; slides; farm animals; riding stables; pony rides; restaurant; shop selling local produce and crafts; picturesque walks; streams; ponds; spooky historic railway tunnel. Great choice for all ages. School groups are welcome.
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Clambers Play Centre

A children's activity centre for children up to 12 years-old. There is also an outdoor play area with a paddling pool, sandpit and an 18-hole adventure golf course.
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Hastings Castle

Visit Britain's first castle built by William the Conqueror in 1067, after the Battle of Hastings. Enter the medieval siege tent and enjoy an exciting 20 minute audio-visual programme "The 1066 Story" which covers the Conquest and the history of the castle through the centuries.

Dynamic sound effects and thrilling images take you from 1066 to the present day. The majestic ruins of the castle command panoramic views of the town, and include such features as the "whispering Dungeons, and the once magnificent Eastern Gateway where you can still see the slots for the portcullis

Gloucester Ski and Snowboard Centre

The slopes cater for all levels of skier, ski-boarder or snowboarder.

They’re the venue for year-round snow sport. And when it rains or snows – things just get even better! Two nursery areas on gentle gradients enable a fast learning curve under the safe instruction of their professional Snowsports School. One of them, made from Snowflex, enables soft landings – especially comforting when grasping the basics of snowboarding!

When it is time to move on, the trainer slope is ideally suited to working on turns and building confidence as you progress up the hill.

Three lift exits mean that you do not have to go to the top straight away! The main slope contains a host of features for intermediates upwards.
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Gloucester Cathedral

The beautiful Gloucester Cathedral has been a place of worship for more than 1,300 years.

With its stunning architecture it is one of the finest cathedrals in England, rated as one of the seven most beautiful in the world is one of the glories of Gloucester City. Parts of the Harry Potter films are made here.
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London Aquarium

The London Aquarium experience is for anyone and everyone who appreciates the stunning and unusual natural world.

Let your imagination take you on a voyage under County Hall, from the beautiful coral reefs and Indian Ocean to the secret depths of the Pacific & Atlantic Oceans.

The aquarium welcomes over 850 000 visitors every year. Visitors' attention is directed to a variety of conservation organisations, who, through public support protect and preserve natural habitats and environments.

The Aquarium also works with conservation organisations to stage events, press launches and install displays. We offer a location and staff time for free and encourage the organisations to generate revenue for their campaigns through their association with us
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Funland is the world's largest indoor family entertainment centre. Offering the latest simulators, Hi-tech video games and a brand new ten-pin bowling alley, sports bar, and pool bar. Situated in the heart of London, the Trocadero, Piccadilly, London
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Tower of London

Founded by William the Conqueror in 1066-7 and enlarged and modified by successive sovereigns, today the Tower of London is one of the world's most famous and spectacular fortresses.

Discover its 900-year history as a royal palace and fortress, prison and place of execution, mint, arsenal, menagerie and jewel house.

The Tower of London often explores themes on its history, like Imprisonment at the Tower.

A special, new exhibition to be held from April to September will reveal the individual stories of various prisoners at the Tower through possessions, artefacts, art, manuscripts and interactive displays.

Royal Academy of Music York Gate Collections

It is the purpose of the Royal Academy of Music to train musicians of the highest quality.

Guided by some of the world’s most distinguished teachers, students work towards technical mastery of their subject (instrument, voice, composition) whilst gaining understanding of the whole art of music.

The Academy has been spectacularly successful in producing generations of leading soloists, chamber and orchestral musicians, conductors, opera singers and composers.

Brilliant new teachers are regularly recruited; the curriculum is constantly reviewed and updated, new courses introduced and the latest technology applied; we pride ourselves on reacting quickly to – and anticipating – changes in the profession.

The Royal Academy of Music is Britain's senior conservatoire, founded in 1822.
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Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is one of the world’s most famous bridges.

150,000 vehicles cross it every day. Over 900 times a year the roadway parts and lifts to let tall ships, cruise liners and other large craft pass through.

Tower Bridge Experience welcomes you inside the Gothic towers to discover the fascinating history of the bridge. You can visit the original Victorian engine rooms.

And from the high-level walkways you can look out across the modern city skyline and downriver to Canary Wharf. The visit takes about an hour. The memories will last for very much longer.

Tower Bridge was completed in 1894, after 8 years of construction. Originally, London Bridge was the only crossing over the Thames. As London grew, so more bridges were added, but these were all to the west of London Bridge, since the area east of London Bridge had become a busy port.

In the 19th century, the east end of London became so densely populated that public pressure mounted for a bridge to the east of London Bridge, as journeys for pedestrians and vehicles were being delayed literally by hours.
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British Museum

Founded in 1753 by Act of Parliament, from the collections of Sir Hans Sloane, the British Museum is one of the great museums of the world, showing the works of man from prehistoric to modern times with collections drawn from the whole world.

Famous objects include the Rosetta Stone, sculptures from the Parthenon, the Sutton Hoo and Mildenhall treasures and the Portland Vase. There is also a programme of special exhibitions and daily gallery tours, talks and guided tours
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Wimbledon Windmill Museum

Wimbledon Windmill Museum is a museum of windmills housed in the windmill on Wimbledon Common.

It depicts the history of windmills and milling using working models and the machinery and tools of the trade, with hands-on milling for children.
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Manchester Jewish Museum

Manchester Jewish Museum tells the story of the Jewish community in the city over the last 200 years.

Through photographs, objects, documents and room settings, visitors gain an insight into the lives of the individuals who came in the different waves of Jewish immigration. They are able to listen on headsets to memories from earlier this century.

The museum opened in 1984 in the former Spanish and Portuguese synagogue. Downstairs the synagogue has been restored to its former glory.
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Laser Quest

The countdown has begun, lasers are fully charged, and the Labyrinth is ready for action. Laser Quest the ultimate sci-fi laser adventure is waiting for you.

As you pull on your space pack, you become a space-aged warrior. Enter the arena and battle for supremacy with family and friends.
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Pitt Rivers Museum

A world famous anthropology collection in a unique period setting, including jewellery, weaponry, textiles, toys and totem poles.

Objects from all periods and places including ancient Egypt, Americas, Africa, Oceania, Europe etc are grouped by type or function as requested by General Pitt-Rivers for both study and public enjoyment.

These unusual displays provide awe-inspiring evidence of human ingenuity and skill. The Pitt Rivers Museum is ranked as one of the 6 most important ethnographic museums in the world. Audio guide with Sir David Attenborough.
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