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Golf courses in the UK


The following pages are for golfers. We've tried to assemble a list of courses we'd like to play.

It's a matter of being spoiled for choice, so we've tried for a balance of accessibility, challenge and physical attractiveness, and we have come up with the following courses.

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UK and Irish golf courses offer the best levels of hospitality, value and golf that anybody could desire, and we offer golfers the best in car rental.

Now let's get back to the important bit . . . information about golf courses!

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This section of our site aims to help you to find the perfect golf courses for you to visit. They represent only a few of the thousands of courses in the British Isles, but we've tried to pick the interesting, accessible and challenging few. Browse through our pages and get a feel for the places you may wish to play . . .and if you want to experience a few of these courses then hiring a car would be a good idea.

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